Thursday, November 25, 2010

The journey begins

This is the first post.

This journey begins with my move to a new house. I still have to arrange many things at home: I haven't got a TV yet, nor a washing machine.
From the start, I asked the electrician to provide ethernet cabling in the rooms, to the garage and to the roof. The aim is to have a server in the garage and, obviously, a wireless device on the floor roof.

At the same time that I am moving, we have a quite feature-complete implementation of the netsukuku daemon, so I thought that I could try and deploy a real network and document my activities, the issues, the work-arounds, the fine-working features, and so on.

Stay tuned!


  1. Hi, I am finding out what a documentation to read for starting developing of wi-fi networks. My plan is to create Windows netsukuku client. Could you help me find a point of a start?

    1. Hiya Johnny! Are you still trying to create a Windows netsukuku client? I am in the netsukuku IRC #netsukuku on freenode, And the mailing list. Maybe I could help you? I love testing netsukuku! Maybe I could help test your stuff? I have a lot of machines!

      Miss Valeska -

  2. @Johnny Subscribe at the ML here:
    and ask there. I will reply you there.