Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sharing stats

As a post for the first day of the new year I want to share with you some statistics about the readers of the blog.
This is for me a hint on the usefulness (or lack of) of this effort. Whether you check the blog just for curiosity, or you want to start a similar testbed of your own, or you're waiting for someone else to just deploy the new internet for you, the simple fact that you read these lines pushes me to keep on testing and documenting.
So, since these figures are visible in real time only to me, I thought I could share them with you today.

The first post is dated Nov 25. Up to now the number of pageviews (my own visits are not included) is 360.

Pageviews by Countries (All time)

Italy 148
United States 52
Russia 44
Australia 31
Germany 21
France 21
United Kingdom 7
Ukraine 5
Ireland 3
Albania 2

A big portion of these pageviews have been recorded in the first few days, when I shared the info of this new blog with some mailing lists.
To make a comparison, the following are figures for just the month of December, when the pageviews are well distributed in all days.

Pageviews by Countries (December)

United States 29
Russia 28
Italy 27
Australia 19
France 13
Germany 9
Ukraine 5
United Kingdom 4
Argentina 2
Croatia 2

To finish, a graph of the pageviews of December:

 Happy new year!

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