Tuesday, July 3, 2012


A significant change is going to happen in my life. I am temporarily leaving Italy. I am going to stay in Israel for a year or so.
Thus I will cease any activity on the network that I was experimenting with with my neighbors.
But I think that during my stay in Israel I will still be able to spend a tiny fraction of time to develop the software.


  1. Mi sono appassionato a Netsukuku da poco, cercando di capire se questo progetto era vivo o morto, e il tuo blog mi aveva fatto sperare in qualcosa... Ma ora sembra che siamo messi male diciamo xD

  2. That's so sad you cannot work hard on the network the world needs right now. Look at all these SOPA, PIPA and others in many counties (including Russia for example). I am sure you can get quite enough money from crowd-funding for your project of providerless Internet if you explain it to the people. The censorship is currently one of the most interest thing for all the governments.