Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Status Report

The porting of Netsukuku to Vala has been completed.

Almost! The DNS wrapper is still missing. It is a piece of code that listens to standard DNS queries and forward them to the ANDNA system. But there are tools that can query directly ANDNA.

Also, the Internet Sharing is still missing. Consider also that in the python implementation this feature was rough and poorly tested yet.

So, yes, I consider the porting really complete.

Obviously the code has to be tested, debugged, fixed, tested again, etc etc.

The daemon is misbehaving in a number of ways.
There are a number of testsuites here and there for various parts of the operations but they are not exhaustive at all. So it was really expected.

Finally I want also to introduce a tool that I made to help the debugging by providing a view of some of the status informations that can be queried to the nodes.

This node has two direct neighbours.
Look, these are the IDs of gnodes and of the entire network.
Behold! All the known destinations, and for each the entire path!
Look ma': I am the Coordinator!
Some ANDNA records.


  1. Большое спасибо. Это потрясающе.

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