Saturday, February 13, 2016

Why are we going to 2.0 ? Fourth post


The new version of Netsukuku will provide a more stable network experience and some more new features.

More stability means that in very few circumstances an user of a Netsukuku network will have even a little perception that the properties of the network have changed.
The network may change, for example, in order to make room for new participants, or because two independent networks have joined together. The change might involve only few nodes, but it might also involve many nodes. In particular, the change might very well involve your node or a node that you are accessing in some way.
Even in these cases, most of the issues are managed in such a way that the user won't even perceive that change: active TCP connections will stay up and working; name-resolution mechanisms will be quickly updated. Routing informations won't get lost.

New features (still experimental) will include:
  • anonymity
  • exploitation of multiple disjoint paths to a destination

Status report

Sorry for being very lazy in giving to you updates on the progress of the work.

My last road-map states that sometime around June the software will be complete. I mean that I will be able to make a prototype device or at least some meaningful simulations.

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  1. Thanks a lot !!! I'm waiting for the next realise.