Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Bear with Netsukuku

Here we go with another "status report" for Netsukuku 2.0.

I have not much new to share with you guys. The goal remains the same and the work is being done. But the completion is still far away.

It's a lot of time since last post to this blog. Nevertheless I see that every now and then someone reads it. So it's worth to spend some minutes to give an update.

As I stated above, there are no features that have been removed from the list. I still aim to release Netsukuku 2.0 as a modular and maintainable software well documented, with a focus on scalability and stability of the network from the point of view of the users.

The following will be addressed, at least initially in a experimental and rough way:

  • Anonymity.
  • Exploitation of multiple disjoint paths to a destination.
  • Voluntary (not enforced) mechanisms to pay (motivate) the relaying nodes for the most used destinations.

What kind of issues did I encounter that have been contributed most to make the finishing line farther and farther? It's not simple to give an answer to this, and it's not the aim of this post. You could have a look at the commits to the various modules in GitHub, even though I realize that it's not its aim either.

Anyway, bear with me some more time. Having somewhat adjusted the estimated time for each of the remaining subtasks, I may go so far as to predict, now, that the software will be released sometime around July/August.


  1. I'm going trough git documentation and ... wow! it's an impressive work! Thank you Luca for the efforts to bring this beautiful creature to life.

  2. Hi! But what about lte-direct? And why not combine all users by LTE, not by wi-fi? https://www.qualcomm.com/invention/research/projects/lte-direct

  3. Hi! But what about lte-direct? And why not combine all users by LTE, not by wi-fi? https://www.qualcomm.com/invention/research/projects/lte-direct
    Do you consider the option of connecting users of netukuku by lte?

  4. August is coming soon. I'm really looking forward to.

    1. Sorry to inform you that the release won't see the light until December at best. Design an coding is progressing steadily and features are coming along as planned, though.

    2. You would not want to create an ICO to speed up the process and increase funding? How can I contact you to discuss this?

  5. I have installed netskuku version 1.0.1 on Manjaro. Run the command: ntkd -i eth0 -v 4
    and know I would like to test if netsukuku is working on my pc. How can I check this? Is there any netskuku website only that I can visit?
    Plus, I get this warning:
    17:37:48.539: file counter.c: line 3634: uncaught error: Failed connecting to ("", 0) (zcd_rpc_error-quark, 2)

    1. No Netsukuku network exists today.
      When a Netsukuku network is formed, you'll have to be attached to one of its nodes in order to access a resource in that network.
      I suggest you to get a better understanding of what mesh wireless community networks are, and anyway wait for the next release of "ntkd" because the current one is buggy and won't get fixed.

  6. Alright, I have to connect to a existing node. I understand.
    Does a connection need to be physically direct, or it will work with the existing internet infrastrucure?

    What drove me towards netsukuku was the domain name system that you implemented. This seems like a complete solution to a distributed net.
    Can you please tell in the documentation how does it work, from a user point a view at least?

    Success to you.

    1. A physical connection is preferred, but a virtual link can be used as well, as long as it provides a pseudo-nic to the system.
      You can read here [0] a high-level description of ANDNA... if you can read Italian or google translate can help you.

      [0] https://github.com/lukisi/documentation/blob/master/ita/DemoneNTKD/RisoluzioneNomi.md

  7. google translation to english of that page isn't working on google. can't figure out other service that can do the translation.
    I don't know how to setup a virtual link :/