Monday, August 13, 2018


One feature that I look forward to implement in the first experimental deploy of the Netsukuku network is the ability to send economic rewards to nodes.

My choice for this feature is the IOTA token, mainly because of the zero-fee feature of the Tangle DLT.

IOTA is quite new compared to Bitcoin. But obtaining IOTAs (and getting back Euros) is nowadays quite straightforward.

These are my first impressions about a new exchange, MercuriEX, which is one among the first (AFAIK) to take advantage of the use of the Hub module from IOTA Foundation.

Quite adherent to the IOTA principles, the fact that there are at the moment no fees for trading.
I am not a fan of "for a limited time" features, and I sure hope they will try and find a practical way to extend that feature for more time.

I find the UX quite simple to understand. The charts are at the moment not very feature-rich, to be honest. I don't seem to find a way to stretch the time span.
In general I think that this UI will need to become richer with time. The exchange is very young.

Of particular note the easy and quite immediate process of getting an account. At the moment your choices for trading pairs are limited to LTC/BTC, MIOTA/BTC, ETH/BTC.